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That was the goal. I wanted a new camera rig to shoot more VFX plates for my students and also to help shoot from a different angle whenever Mark shoots plates for students.

After some extensive research, I set a budget of $12,000 for my camera rig. I wasn’t looking for the best in class equipment or gear; I was looking for well-reviewed, universally praised, fairly priced gear that suited my needs.

In this series of posts, I am going to share with you how I set up my camera rig and the reasons behind my purchases.

Let’s start with the Tripod. An essential piece of gear for any photographer and videographer.

Like everyone who starts out in photography, I purchased a cheap tripod because why pay any money at all for what essentially is a glorified stand. That is where I quickly learned my first lesson in photography. If the equipment you are using is frustrating to use, you will be frustrated during your shoot. There were nights I would hike up to take some shots on a hill near my home in Singapore, only to find myself wanting to break the tripod in half and toss it over the hill. It was terrible to use; I constantly had my skin caught in the clamps of the tripod and it was awkward to move out of the way. I realized then, that cheap is almost always not good.

There are camera companies, and there are companies that copy camera companies. As I got older, I decided not to waste my time and money on products made by companies that are out to make a quick buck. I started to trust named brands that professionals use.

That brings us to the Manfrotto 755XB. I didn’t buy this tripod for this camera rig. In fact, I bought this tripod in 2013 when I was learning how to take 360° HDRIs. After 7 years of use and abuse, I am still surprised that all the clamps are as tight as the day I bought this tripod. If ever this tripod breaks, I will buy the same one again! Or buy the newer iteration of this model.

Price $449.95

Here are some of the things I like about this tripod
1. Lightweight (2.38 kg)
2. Made of Aluminium
3. Legs Flip Lock
4. Max Height is 1.65 cm
5. Leg Angles 23°, 45°, 65°, 88°
6. Centre column with a built-in levelling ball and bubble spirit level