Everthing can be a bit better!
– Ganz

In 2019, I decided instead of having a New Year’s resolution, I would have a New Year’s motto. After all, mottos have led me out of my darkest and hardest moments in life. In the spirit of positivity, I said to myself, “Everything can be a bit better”.

I wasn’t looking to make something twice as better or three times as better, but instead I wanted to make everything I did about 10% better. Give a little more effort in presentation of my demos to my students, spend a little more time observing nature and things, be a little more mindful of others, pet my cats more, etc.

It was just my way of wanting to focus a little more on the task at hand. So far, it was worked wonders for me. Instead of feeling that I have to repeat the same demos to each new class, I am looking forward to teach the next class with more information and with better execution.

So whenever you finish a project or task, just ask yourself, can this be better? If the answer is yes, then do it. No one will pay extra for it, but you get the satisfaction of knowing that it was done to the quality or standard you had set for yourself.

Don’t worry, people will notice. Every little thing adds up.