Do as much as you can. When the day comes to an end, look back at it and marvel at how much you did and then get to bed. If you get to wake up tomorrow, do it all over again.
– Ganz

Not every day is going to be great. Most days are going to be ordinary and some days are just plain terrible. But whatever kind of day you have had, end it. Be done with it!

Stop feeling like you didn’t do much and forgive yourself. A little kindness to yourself goes a long way as a creative. That is why instead of having a to-do list, I have an accomplishment list. Every time I finish something, I write it down in Notion. Just before bed, when I look at my Notion Accomplishment List, I feel satisfied that I did all that I could.

If there is something I couldn’t get to, well it wasn’t really a priority. I have learned to let things go.

Ever Onwards I always say. Another day another chance at accomplishing new and exciting things.