Sonia Bascopé

A Former Student of Mine (LBS-028)

October 14, 2020

Ganz is simply the greatest teacher ever, I feel super lucky to have been his student. He’s knowledge in nuke is insane, I don’t believe anyone can compare to him. His lectures are really engaging and even if it’s a class about math he finds a way to make it interesting. He does everything with a lot of passion and really inspired me not only to be a better visual effects artist but to always make the best of myself.

I’ll always remember him staying after school to talk to us about our shots or movies or softwares or games or any other topics. I loved his board game nights, and I am taking so much of his insight with me.

He always gives his best to his students and spends a lot of time improving the program and his lessons, always finding the best resources for us to work with and I will forever be thankful for all the encouragement he gave us and for pushing the boundaries of what I thought I could do. I couldn’t ask for a better mentor than him.

Alarich Alvarez Mahl

A Former Student of Mine (LBS-017)

September 22, 2020

Ganz was the first person I met at Lost Boys when I was making my mind over where to start my Visual Effects studies. I was really intrigued by the school already, but he pretty much sold the deal for me after hanging out with him when touring the school. Not only did I realized that he was very smart and structured but also very easy going and friendly. I had a great experience at Lost Boys thanks to him. I can’t state enough how knowledgeable and resourceful he was. On top of that, he has a great sense of humor and is extremely patient. He would know how to approach each person differently to help them out. That is quite the skill that speaks volumes of his experience level and awareness. It is one thing to be good at a particular skillset and other to be a great teacher. Rarely do I say this, but Ganz is actually both. Thanks Ganz!

Javier Cuellar

A Former Student of Mine (LBS-028)

September 15, 2020

Learning from Ganz, the Master of Compositing, was truly one of the most wonderful experience I ever had.

Each of his demo was always accompanied with an anecdote. Each anecdote was full of insights and production wisdom.

Ganz, thank you for having me as your Padawan. You always helping me out and encouraging me to not settle for a job well done but a job incredibly done.

I carry with me a bag full of memories from Lost Boys and more importantly all the knowledge I gained from Ganz.

Abhinav Pareek

A Former Student of Mine (LBS-028)

September 14, 2020

It’s said that Visual Effects Industry is very small, yet it’s insanely difficult to find a right instructor. But with Ganz, I knew I was being taught by the right person. He is by far the best instructor you could ever ask for, and I feel very lucky to be one of his students.

Ganz is incredibly talented and a very knowledgeable instructor. He is not just the master of Compositing, but also has a solid command of 3D. His experience working in this industry speaks for itself. He has the answers to all your questions no matter how easy or difficult it is, he can answer them all like a pro!

Being a student at Lost Boys, I always enjoyed attending his lectures. They are super interesting and very easy to understand. He puts his best effort into each of his lectures and that’s amazing! Besides compositing, he also teaches his students, how to maintain a healthy work-life balance and how to be a better artist in general.

He genuinely cares about the career, success of his students and he is always there when they need him the most. I still remember the days when he used to sit next to me, and explain a topic countless times until I understood it thoroughly.

Ganz is not just a mentor but, a lifetime friend!

If you are looking to get into Visual Effects Compositing, there’s no one better than Ganz the Great!

Thank you for everything Ganz, I am extremely honored to be your student 🙂

Nicholas Mackay

A Former Student of Mine (LBS-020)

September 13, 2020

Let me start by saying that this man is a Nuke Genius!

A couple years back I took a chance on a journey that turned out to be a pivotal point in my life. I made the decision to study VFX at Lost Boys school in Vancouver. I was extremely nervous as I was from South Africa and hadn’t lived abroad before. Little did I know that Ganz was going to be waiting to turn myself and all the other students, into some of the best talent in the VFX industry.

It wasn’t about just having a good teacher though, it was so much more. Ganz showed Kindness, Mentor-ship and balance in Nuke and in Life abroad. He was able to take a difficult subject and make it easy to work through, while making sure we retained all that imparted knowledge.

There isn’t a day that goes by, that I do not think about studying at lost boys again, under Ganz and the team, just to have the amazing experience all over again.

Kankuro Suzuki

A Former Student of Mine (LBS-023)

September 1, 2020

Ganz made a huge change in my life, not only by teaching me the skills but guiding me to the VFX industry from scratch.

Without him, I think it was impossible to start my career in the industry as career change because I started little bit later than other people, and literary did have no knowledge or skills when I first met Ganz.

Even after graduating from school, he as a mentor guides and advises me how to survive and pursue my career and life. It’s not too much to say that because of him, I am enjoying and being happy working everyday.

I am so grateful that I met Ganz, who looks after his students with so much care.

Zoey Lee

A Former Student of Mine (LBS-026)

August 25, 2020

Ganz is a very creative and talented VFX instructor. He is a master of both compositing and 3D worlds. Most of the 3D assets in our Compositing program was created by Ganz.

I am very grateful to have Ganz as my instructor. However, I also I look up to Ganz as a role model. He often gives his students practical life advice and encourages us to create a healthy work-life balance.

When i first started his program. I barely knew what Compositing or even VFX was, but ever since I met Ganz, I successfully entered the VFX Industry and landed an amazing job as a Compositor.

His dedication to create the best quality education for his students is inspiring. His passion to learn and improve motivates me to become a better VFX artist.

No doubt — he is the perfect instructor who teaches the best Compositing program in the world.

Isaiah Walker

A Former Student of Mine (LBS-023)

August 25, 2020

Ganz was my instructor during my time at Lost Boys. I can’t imagine having learned so much and succeeding in the ways I have had I not been taught by Ganz. He is personable and educated with a strong understanding of how to properly teach ideas and concepts to others. There was never a moment during my time at Lost Boys where I even contemplated the idea of having a different instructor.

Ganz created a learning environment for anyone’s learning styles and speeds. While being a creative and technical person, Ganz was able to help his students expand on their abilities so much more than they would have in any other environment.

Ganz would never give dull lessons as he is passionate about this field. He continues to create, study, and explore within visual effects expanding on his abilities and knowledge each day. He is a quicker and more accurate resource for any questions a student would have than anything they might find online.

On my first day at Lost Boys I knew that Ganz would be a great teacher and I would highly recommend anyone wanting to learn to go to him.

Warren Harding

Compositor / BG Prep Artist
A Former Student of Mine (LBS-028)

August 11, 2020

Ganz was my instructor for the 2019-2020 session at Lost Boys. I have had many instructors in the past, who ranged from the highly knowledgeable to the functionally inept. Ganz proved himself to be the most highly accomplished instructor that I have encountered. When I began at Lost Boys, his knowledge of compositing was inspiring. His ability to articulate and show his knowledge, is what made him stand out even more.

One other noteworthy point about Ganz, was his incredible ability to pivot when the pandemic struck. He went from instructing our class in classroom, to an online learning format where none had previously existed. He wrote workarounds on Linux to turn our computers from server based to standalone workstations, and worked out how to get all of us the data we would require while working from home. He has proven himself to epitomize what an exceptional instructor can accomplish.

On a more personal note, I truly appreciate Ganz’s personality and sense of humour. He is very earnest and genuine in his interactions with us (his students).

Nicole Meng

Compositor / BG Prep Artist
A Former Student of Mine (LBS-028)

August 8, 2020

When I first started studying at Lost Boys, I had never thought it would be such a wild journey, in the best way possible.

First of all, Lost Boys is unlike any other schools I have attended in my entire life. It is an unique experience that I will always cherish, and I know it will continue to influence me as an artist, and a person in the future as well.

I was very fortunate to have Ganz as my instructor during my study at Lost Boys. Hands down, Ganz is the best teacher I have ever had. He is extremely dedicated, resourceful, patient, knowledgeable and beyond able as a VFX Compositing instructor and mentor. He is also incredibly supportive, he truly cares for his students that he is always there for you whenever you have any questions. I have learned so much from Ganz over the past year that I wish I could stay in school for a little bit longer. However, I know that Ganz has prepared all of us well and we are ready for the industry.

Ganz is not your everyday teacher, but he is the best teacher you could ever ask for if you want to learn about VFX and Compositing. I would highly recommend Ganz.

Ya-Wen Liu

A Former Student of Mine (LBS-026)

August 6, 2020

One of my life changing moment is that I had Ganz as my instructor for compositing program.

He is like a genius painter that always use his special “comp painting” skill to create so many unique and amazing paintings for VFX industry. He always give his best to students and spend a lot time to create different projects or idea to train our skills. However, he is also the kind of instructor who not only teach you professional technique but also life skill. I learned a lot through his working attitude, he always curious and willing to learn about new technique. He never stop learning and that’s why no matter what we ask, he always can gave us the best answer or lead us to find the better answer.

Ganz never hesitant to help out his students, even though we already graduated from Lost Boys Studio. He will spend his time to review my reel and also give me advise to be a better comper and continue my career journey. He is not just a instructor to me but also career role model to me.

Cecil Lu

A Former Student of Mine (LBS-028)

August 4, 2020

Ganz is an absolute legend.

As an instructor, Ganz is equally artistic and technical. That is extremely important because the artistic drive to create shots as cinematic or epic as possible is what makes VFX artists, artists. Meanwhile focus on the technical aspect and the ability to analyze a finished shot objectively ensure that the students make logical steps to reach the end goal and the result is photoreal. Ganz encourages his students to do the same and always keep both in mind while working, and the lectures have been some of the most and engaging ones I have experienced.

He is also incredibly resourceful and is always generous with what he can offer to help the students; whether it is time spent talking about any questions we have (sometimes even at inconvenient hours), offering links to various information, or making his resources accessible. Ganz is always there to help you succeed.

It’s not everyday that you would find an instructor who is not only knowledgeable about the course material, but also offers many insights on life as a VFX artist. I would recommend Ganz 10/10, amazing instructor.

Elmoatasem Ragab

A Former Student of Mine (LBS-028)

August 4, 2020

If you close your eyes and picture the best compositing mentor you could ever ask for, you might get close to how supportive, challenging, inspiring, knowledgeable, and simply life changing Ganz is to each and every one of his students. My experience under his guidance set the bar for what is possible within a teacher-student relationship to a level I can’t imagine being met by anyone else.

He is the type of mentor that walks you through how to mentor yourself, how to simplify and tackle any problem with a multitude of different solutions in mind, and how to make room for joy in your everyday tasks. His humor makes even the most mundane lessons enjoyable.

One might think to describe him as an encyclopedia, or a robot because of the exceptional level of knowledge he can readily access with any question thrown his way. However, when you see how big his heart is and how much he truly cares about your success, it becomes clear that he is much more than a source of information.

Sometimes, you might find yourself unexpectedly beating him at his weekly board game nights even when it’s your first time playing the game. Just know that it’s only because he explained the game in the best possible way providing you with a chance to win in the first place.

Ana-Luiza Rodrigues

A Former Student of Mine (LBS-025)

July 31, 2020

Ganz is the mashup of everything I’ve ever admired about my teachers.

He is someone who knows what he is talking about, continues to study it, and knows how to teach and keep things interesting.

Ganz loves to share his knowledge, and that inspired me to share what I learn with others. I am very grateful that he decided to share what he knows with us. I know that there were jobs I got after Lost Boys that were only possible because I learned so much from him.

He also helped us a lot by always being kind, just lending his ear or giving us advice when we were overwhelmed, feeling lonely, or just wanted feedback.

With Ganz, you will always have a mentor and a friend for life.

Stephanie Gadsden

A Former Student of Mine (LBS-023)

July 22, 2020

Ganz is a great teacher, he will always answer to any of your questions no matter how easy or hard to respond they are, he will even explain to you with a lot of visual details and give you examples about it. He’s not only super good at explaining any Compositing related subject, he’s also super good at giving advices to artists in terms of what it is to live as a vfx artist in the industry. Ganz is also a joy to have as a teacher, you certainly won’t get disappointed!

Le Yang

A Former Student of Mine (LBS-022)

July 21, 2020

Ganz is one of those teachers who not only makes his classes knowledgeable and entertaining, he himself is an incredible wealth of knowledge about all things VFX. If you have a question, he will answer it faster than you can type it into Google. His quirky outlook on life translates into the VFX theory he teaches, which makes it much more memorable and comprehensive than reading about a lesson in a textbook. Ganz is a teacher who puts his best effort into his students, whether it’s staying late to help one of us out with a project or providing more one on one time to clarify concepts. He’s less like a teacher in a traditional sense, and more like a mentor in a studio who is there to help out the newbie every step of the way.

He is a great teacher and if you’re looking to get into VFX (compositing specifically, as that’s what I can attest to) there’s nobody else I would recommend more than Ganz and Lost Boys for their training.

David Koss

A Former Student of Mine (LBS-027)

March 15, 2020

Ganz is an incredibly dedicated and knowledgeable teacher who I am very glad to have had during my time at Lost Boys. His passion for visual effects was made clear through his lectures where he would always find creative and memorable ways to explain concepts to us. I feel like he really enjoyed teaching us new tricks, and it ended up making you enjoy his lectures as well. I remember several times where he stayed late so he could answer a question, give feedback on our shots, or to simply play a board game with us. When you have a teacher with Ganz’ enthusiasm, it really makes you want to push yourself to learn and achieve more with your own work.

One of the things that I believe makes Ganz such a great teacher is that it’s not just knowledge he imparts on you, but his wisdom and experience as well. In addition to the numerous technical skills, he also teaches you how to observe and think. I remember him telling us, “We’re not teaching you to be button pushers, we’re teaching you to be problem solvers”. When I was having trouble getting my ethereal effects shot to look the way I wanted, he would challenge my assumptions of how I thought it should be done, making me ask the important question, “why”. I really learned to think outside of the box because of this, and it has helped me solve all sorts of other problems since.

His knowledge of Nuke and visual effects seems virtually limitless. He is deeply passionate about his students success, and is in general a really great person to be around. I learned so much from him through the year that it would be ridiculous trying to list it all out here. If you are looking to learn visual effects compositing, I would highly recommend Ganz as your teacher!

Cordell Briggs

A Former Student of Mine (LBS-024)

February 25, 2020

This review has been a long time coming, but I’ve been so caught up in work for the past two years following graduation that I have barely had time to catch my breath. I have Ganz, and the Lost Boys | School of Visual Effects Instruction to thank for that.

Ganz is nothing short of amazing. I know I speak for all of my alumni when I say thank you. Thank you for preparing us and giving us the running start to excel in the industry. I’m convinced there isn’t a person around with such a breadth and scope of knowledge in vfx as Ganz, who also has such a capacity to communicate that knowledge in a unique and enjoyable way. Coupled with a tremendously large working knowledge of the standard vfx pipeline and a can do attitude, Ganz never shys away from a problem. He is always willing to put his students first and figure out whatever the problem is while taking the opportunity to teach them the concepts, so they never fall into the same pit fall again.

Ganz is deeply passionate about his students learning outcome, I choose these words carefully because it is different than just lecturing and making sure to cover all the material. Ganz takes the time to cement the concepts inside each of his students with great care and deliberation. This makes problem solving the right way habitual. Everyday with Ganz was another day I knew I was going to grow, technically and as an artist. I was confident that my skills and my artistic eye would get better under his tutelage.

I value my time spent at Lost Boys learning from Ganz highly, and I would not willingly trade it as it has proven to be incredibly valuable, time and time again. I highly recommend Ganz for his tremendous teaching ability. He is truly one of a kind. He is a driven, organized teacher who develops inspiring relationships and excels at fostering growth and understanding with his students.

Thank you Ganz!

Timothy Hsu

A Former Student of Mine (LBS-027)

December 12, 2019

Ganz is the best instructor I have ever had. My experiences with Ganz as a teacher were overwhelmingly positive; he was consistently available for help at school and was even courteous enough to respond to the odd question outside of school hours. The best thing about him is not his knowledge that he shares with us. he has experience in VFX field and he is very good at sharing his knowledge with you. In the past year Ganz was a guide who helped me when I needed assistance with technical and artistic issues. If you are looking for a jump start in the vfx world, he is the instructor you are looking for. His lectures not only focused on the technical point and also teaching how to gain your sense of art. I could never have asked for a better teacher to teach me the art of compositing. Thanks Ganz!

Kosuke Iwasaki

Paint Artist
A Former Student of Mine (LBS-026)

October 22, 2019

I have never had such a reliable instructor in my life. If you are in school, the most important thing people care about is whether if you can land a job or not. I can assure you if you start taking his lessons, that sorts of feelings vanish in a very short time. He is an extremely logical, and thoughtful man. He is always reverse-engineering the industry’s needs and structuring the lectures up-to-date in order to nourish the students to be ready to work professionally right after school. He always knows the clear answer to the questions. No matter how tough and crazy questions you ask, he shows you the right path to take from start to finish. Not only is he a wise man but also he cares about each individual student even after graduation. He still remembers all the students from 8 years ago and where they are working. When you are lost, he listens to you carefully, and calm you down, then push your back to move forward.

I strongly encourage you to trust his words and work towards the dream by learning from him.

Rodrigo Sapag Novoa

A Former Student of Mine (LBS-026)

August 16, 2019

Ganz is definitely one of the best teachers I have ever had in my life, and a great inspiration for me.

Besides being a great instructor in VFX and having an extremely broad knowledge in all subjects, he is a great person who always seeks the best for his students, Ganz helped me personally to solve many problems, related to my VFX shots and also gave me a lot of advices about the industry and work, something that I really appreciate.

This year being a student of Ganz I could notice that he really enjoys and likes what he does and is something that can really be seen reflected in the success and work of his students.

Hillary Huong Vu

A Former Student of Mine (LBS-025)

July 22, 2019

Ganz is one of my favorite and the best instructors I have ever had. In one year under his guide, I have learned not only a lot about VFX to be an artist, but also how to have a balanced life as an artist.

I find it very interesting of the way he converts the most complicated VFX knowledge into a very practical and easy-to-understand for students. He proves learning is fun the more you get deeper. This only shows he is indeed a passionate instructor and a dedicated mentor.

Ganz truly cares about every single student he has taught. To me, he was the one made my time at Lost Boys more wholesome. Becoming a VFX artist could be a long and hard journey, but if you are fortunate to have Ganz as your instructor, that journey will be a fun one!

Danielle Murray

A Former Student of Mine (LBS-025)

February 27, 2019

Sometimes I forget that Ganz is an actual person and not a robot with almost as much knowledge as Google, when it comes to the VFX industry. Then he proceeds to tell a bad joke and I remember that he is in fact human. Once Ganz becomes your instructor he doesn’t just teach you about compositing. He teaches you about the VFX industry, photography, lighting, modeling, and life in general. Prodding his brain and asking him questions was one of my most enjoyable experiences at Lost Boys because his detailed answers always made me feel as though I had learned so much.

Kate Lin

A Former Student of Mine (LBS-025)

February 10, 2019

I’ve know Ganz for only one short year, and he already has changed myself tremendously. His way of teaching students Compositing is beyond any learning intuitions I have ever experienced. He can turn a complicated concept into a simple math equation, and guide students through difficult Comp by using easily-understood methods. He never stops improving and learning even with his already strong knowledge on both 3D and compositing. Furthermore, he cares greatly for all of his students. Ganz will always give you life lectures on how to be a strong artist and be happy in life. I am grateful to have Ganz as my instructor, and I 100% recommend Ganz without a doubt.

Andri Valdez

A Former Student of Mine (LBS-024)

January 8, 2019

Ganz is hands down the best instructor I have ever had. The best thing about him is not his knowledge that he shares with us, even though I’m starting to believe we only got to see the tip of the iceberg, but his passion to teach and get his students ready for the real life in the vfx industry. If you are looking for a jump start in the vfx world, he is the instructor you are looking for. His lectures don’t only focused on the technical point of compositing, He teaches proper work ethics and over all great life advises that will be useful through out your career. He truly is Ganz the great!

Gabriel Escobar

Rotopaint Artist
A Former Student of Mine (LBS-024)

December 30, 2018

It’s curious to look back and realize how much I learned with Ganz about Nuke and the visual effects industry in such a short amount of time.

Ganz manages to take the concept of teaching to a whole new level. He makes complex subjects more appealing and keep finding ways to innovate his lectures for every new class, so the projects always feel authentic and challenging. He is a happy, disciplined and great guy to be around and he’s pretty much like a VFX encyclopedia.

Sometimes he shares his knowledge into the form of a phrase or joke, so make sure to note them down! It might help you out, during your journey in the industry.

Hanna Hallgrímsdóttir

A Former Student of Mine (LBS-024)

December 24, 2018

Ganz is and I think will always be the greatest teacher I have ever had. I have never seen one person so dedicated to his teachings. I learned so much in those 10 months I was at Lost Boys, more than I could ever imagine. I came in with no experience and was close to giving up a million times but Ganz really gave his time to help me it was not like yeah just do this and that and then he left, he actually stayed and explaned in the best way to do things. Nuke is a complicated software and can really push your nerves but Ganz managed to make the lectures fun and understandable. It’s not just about Nuke it’s about everything connected to the industry and he offers his help both during school and after you graduate. People who consider to study at Lost Boys should not hesitate for one minute if they have the opportunity to go there!

Katrin Inga Frantz

A Former Student of Mine (LBS-024)

December 23, 2018

Ganz is hands down the most hard working instuctors I’ve had. He goes out of his way to help his students and seems to always have the answers to your problems, whether it’s VFX related or general life advice. He’s there for his students day and night, even after they graduate.

Mara Angioletti

A Former Student of Mine (LBS-022)

February 19, 2018

Not just a great teacher, he’s more like Google when you’re looking for an answer!

I studied Compositing at Lost Boys School of Visual Effects in 2016-2017 where Ganz was my teacher.

I found that one of his most beautiful traits is that he is not just teaching you the technical skills you need to have to enter into the industry, but also he’s always sharing with you his passion and his knowledge that includes more than how to use a software and how to get your work done. It’s about the industry how things work, how the pipeline works, what the roles are and many other aspect of Visual Effects. He is more like a mentor than a teacher and if you are a curious person you’ll learn a great deal listening to his lessons.

He will prepare you to get your foot into the industry as an artist with the skill set you will need.

He’s always available for a chat and a laugh, or a drink after school where he’ll keep sharing his knowledge with you.

I learnt a lot from him and the type of career path you can have. I would definitely recommend Ganz and Lost Boys.

Peter Fastbom

A Former Student of Mine (LBS-020)

June 29, 2017

Teaching Visual Effects is a very difficult task, but Ganz is really pulling it off! I’ve never had a teacher that cares so much about his students.

Ganz’s vast knowledge in the field of both Compositing and CGI makes him the perfect visual effects teacher, having experience on both ends of the VFX spectrum. This guy can turn people in to compositors, regardless if the student have prior experience or not. I came to lost boys with no experience in nuke, and 1 year later I could work in the software by myself.

He was always happy to help out and answer questions, regardless if the question was directly related to what we were doing.

So if you want to learn compositing, this is your guy!

I could never have asked for a better teacher to teach me the art of compositing. Thanks Ganz!

Shira Malamud

A Former Student of Mine (LBS-020)

January 23, 2017

Ganz is by far the best teacher I had for Visual Effects. He has an endless amount of knowledge and more importantly an endless amount of patience. He often stays past his working hours and does it all with a smile on his face.

He truly prepares students for the “real life” – besides the professional and technical aspect, he gives a lot of weight to work ethics and gives the students useful tools and tips to succeed in their daily life.

You can see that he has a passion for this field and a willing to improve this industry by creating professional and reliable students, which eventually make the industry a better one.

Eduardo Bivar

A Former Student of Mine (LBS-020)

September 4, 2016

It is my great honor to recommend Mr. Ganz Ramalingam for he is genuinely the best Instructor I ever had.

As my Instructor at the Advanced Visual Effects Compositing Program at the Lost Boys School of Visual Effects, Vancouver – BC. I found him to be uniquely capable of capturing every student’s attention and helping us learn confidently.

His methodologies assisted us seeing Compositing in depth and from many crucial perspectives, Industry Studies and discussions about the Future of VFX Technologies, being essential topics.

Comments from all of my classmates confirm that I am not alone in this impression. Invariably helps students beyond his regular schedule, taking the time to try and deeply understand the subtleties of teaching VFX to a very culturally heterogeneous industry.

Making all of us recognize that the purpose of a guru is to introduce you to your own light. He always put his heart, mind and soul even on the smallest acts.

Know what? Screw this LinkedIn formality! We love you Ganz. Thank you for being this wise human being and such a inspiring instructor.

Jina Yoon

Lighting TD
A Former Student of Mine (LBS-019)

January 12, 2016

Ganz is one of those rare instructors, who truly care about their students. He is willing to spend his extra time over day and night, just to answer his students’ questions and solve their problems. He always tries his best to understand each of the students and find what is the best for them. He even knows how to give his students hard critiques so that students can understand and improve their works. I can not see Lost Boys Studios without Ganz. He is absolutely an amazing instructor.

Yan Caspar Hirschbühl

A Former Student of Mine (LBS-019)

December 30, 2015

If I quickly have to sum up Ganz both as a mentor and individual, dedication, knowledge, kindness and open mindedness come in mind.

Ganz is one of those rare teachers who leave a remarkeable and lasting positive imprint on his students. I was fortunate to be one of them and it’s simply impossible to summarize the amount of skills and techniques I’ve learnt and improved during the 8 month intense program at Lost Boys Studios. As many mentioned before, Ganz always dedicated a lot of extra time and energy for us, he was always helpful, motivating and pushed us to look for alternate solutions and therefore strenghtend our creative problem solving skills.

Needless to say that with his many years of experience he is a walking encyclopedia of “digital imagery“ and is always up to date with everything that is going on in the field.

Besides the teaching aspect, it was always a pleasure and fun to talk to Ganz, he has a vast knowledge not only in the world of digital imagery and a great sense of humour as well.

He made us „ready“ for whatever will be expected from us in the industry.

Andrew Zeller

Compositing Instructor
A Former Student of Mine (LBS-017)

November 13, 2015

Thanks to Ganz, I got an awesome compositing job right after graduation from the Lost Boys School of VFX. I work at a studio specializing in beauty work and digital makeup, where I’m not only able to rotoscope, but also able to do paintouts, keying, and 3D compositing. I wouldn’t be prepared to do these diverse tasks without his demos or the times he answered my questions after class. I had very little experience in visual effects when I started the program, but he has nearly limitless knowledge to share that is highly focused and practical, equipping every student with the skills and resources they will need for the exciting VFX industry. Ganz is more than a highly qualified instructor and teacher: he is a wise mentor. He cares about his students’ success and well-being even after they graduate. You are truly fortunate if you have the opportunity to learn from him.

Andrey Lutsker

A Former Student of Mine (LBS-018)

July 28, 2015

As a matter of fact, I’ve already given positive feedback about you to your boss Nevertheless I’ll repeat what I told him here. 🙂

As it has been mentioned many times before, needless it to say that you are being a teacher possessing a vast knowledge and experience in the field that you teach,but I’d like to point out that I see you many times sitting with students explaining and helping them long after the end of school hours. This fact clearly demonstrates the high level of your dedication and desire to help. In my opinion your willingness to help students at the expense of your free time relay shows the nature of an excellent teacher and person .keep it up!

Adarsh Langthasa

A Former Student of Mine (LBS-018)

July 26, 2015

Ganz is an excellent, hardworking instructor and one of the smartest people I know. He goes well beyond his capacity to make sure that his students achieve the best results and that every student was performing well. He is also an highly accomplished professional with wide range of backgrounds having more than decade of experience in the field of VFX, web-design & 3d animation and is always willing spend to time with students beyond school hours to share his knowledge & experiences in the industry. It’s been a great pleasure to have had him as my instructor at Lost Boys.

Andrew Barrie

A Former Student of Mine (LBS-017)

April 27, 2015

Ganz is a dedicated, hardworking, and most of all friendly and kind teacher. He was always willing to sit down, one on one, and help students understand anything that might be giving them trouble. If you asked, he could talk for hours about his insights and experience on a wide range of VFX topics, and I always felt like I could go to him for help. Ganz was as much a friend as he was mentor. He made sure to not only give us the knowledge we needed to succeed, but the support and tools we needed, as well. He was honest and candid about the industry, and made sure to prepare us to the best of his abilities for our careers, both in and out of the workplace.

JunJun Zhu

A Former Student of Mine (LBS-010)

October 20, 2014

Ganz was an amazing instructor at Lost Boys Studios. With the other Lost Boys’ staff, they made my learning experience fun and exciting. He was the person to go to for any kind of questions, and he would always provide a detailed answer. He would personally mentor us if we were still confused, often staying late at school just so we would get a better understanding of the problem. With such dedication and passion to VFX, he is definitely one of the best instructors I’ve ever had in my life. I’m very grateful I was able to learn directly under him

Tim Liu

A Former Student of Mine (LBS-011)

July 3, 2013

Ganz was an amazing instructor at Lost Boys Studios. With the other Lost Boys’ staff, they made my learning experience fun and exciting. He was the person to go to for any kind of questions, and he would always provide a detailed answer. He would personally mentor us if we were still confused, often staying late at school just so we would get a better understanding of the problem. With such dedication and passion to VFX, he is definitely one of the best instructors I’ve ever had in my life. I’m very grateful I was able to learn directly under him

Tananuch Phosri
(New Park)

A Former Student of Mine (LBS-010)

January 11, 2013

Ganz is an excellent instructor. He has a lot of experience in VFX. He is hardworking and alway update new knowledge to share with his students. He stays late in the studio with the students when we have questions or we need him for help. So in my recommend study with Ganz is alway be the best choice.

Rajavel Loganathan

A Former Student of Mine (LBS-009)

April 26, 2012

Ganz is a inspirational Instructor and professionally a complete all rounder having a sound knowledge in all aspects of web and media. Ganz the great !! as his email ID says.

Carlos Guzman

Former Student of Lost Boys

December 15, 2011

Ganz is an excellent instructor. He is a very talented visual effects artist with years of experience teaching and creating an amazing VFX stuff. He is very professional and dedicated. I want to thank him and of course I highly recommend him.

Jason Tranetzki

A Former Student of Lost Boys

August 4, 2011

I met Ganz Ramalingam at Lost Boys Learning, a fellow peer and now the schools Visual Effects instructor.

Ganz was a mentor to many, his skills and talents genuinely exceptional, his knowledge vast and rich, spread across multiple disciplines. What strikes me most about Ganz is his selflessness, particularly in relation to problem solving abilities. Often was the time a peer had questions and Ganz was the one to turn to, and if a problem posed complex, Ganz would work until a solution was found.

It was a great pleasure to study and mature alongside Ganz, and absorb some of those traits that make him truly exceptional.

Ria Bénard

Director | Senior Educational Administrator at Lost Boys | School of Visual Effects

May 17, 2011

Probably on of the smartest, hardworking people I know. If you don’t have an answer to a computer problem ask Ganz.